Manufacturer of FRP Cooling Towers & components, (GI, SS, Pultruded frp) performance testing & noise control services.
Supplier of Spares- Fills, Fan, Motor, Drive Systems & Engineering Goods.
Product Range
' V ' Series
' T ' Series
' C ' Series
' I ' Series
FRP Fan Blades
Spares for Cooling Tower
No noise, no worries- >
Silent Cooling Tower
For hospitals, hotel industry etc by
reducing fan & falling water noise.
It is confirmed now by independent
acoustic measurements that
1NNOVAT!VE super low noise
cooling towers are the quietest
in the Indian market.
Low noise fan with lower fan speed.
Sound attenuator with acoustic
insulation layers minimises noise
up to 62-65 db
 Satisfaction Guaranteed
 Your peace of mind is important.
 That’s why we offer a full one-year
 warranty on all parts and labour.

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Why shift to 1CT ?
History of cooling tower is to
preserve 'water, air & environment'
we are in line to conserve the same
with Innovative technology respecting
every aspect of Quality & Performance.
Energy and space saving.
Modular light weight construction.
Easier Maintenance.
Guaranteed thermal Performance.
All Fibreglass Construction is both side finished, first ever in India.
Less RCC foundation work.
Reduced installation time.
Corrosion Proof construction.
Least resistance in air flow path.
More than 30%
fan area closed.
It restricts the
air flow.
  More than 90%
fan area is free.
It improves the
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